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Perfect man description

The first of all I want to say that man shouldn’t be perfect! Perfect people are alarming. But as any woman I have some qualities which I want to see in the character of my beloved. Real man should have respect for women; if he respects his mother he will appreciate his wife too. He should be responsible and be able to make informed decisions, have great sense of humor, stress resistance and ability to protect his lady. Also he should be polite, generous and have keen mind. And the most of all I want my man to be a leader – he should act in such a way that a woman will want to obey him and listen to his every word!

Value in a man

respect for a woman, having a sense of humor, responsibility and ability to make decisions, stress resistance, the ability to protect a woman, Intelligence, politeness, generosity, material security and independence, leadership.

Relationship with parents


True love means to me

always be together on a spiritual level, support each other, be sincere, honest

Infidelity how I describe


Goals in life

to be happy, to find my man, to build good relationship, have children, happy family, travelling

How I describe satisfaction in life

meet new people, invite new countries, know different cultures, tasty food, spend good time with friends, family

How I describe moral principles

no lie, help the needy, tell the truth face to face

How I describe the importance of friends

the second native people after family, and to have good friends its one of the most important part in life, to whom you can come, in good time or bad and they will always support you and be near you

How I describe what trust to me is

an important part in relationship, without trust couple cant live together

How I describe myself

I’m very calm person who is looking for harmony with myself and outside world. I devote a lot of time for self-development with a help of yoga and reading. These activities help me to get to know my inner wishes better and to think up with new bright ideas. I’m very summer person, I love hot weather, travelling to warm countries, swimming and sun bathing in bright swimming suits. My job takes a very big part of my life, but I’m very happy person because I’ve got a job which I dreamed about. I’m also very passionate, caring and loving with my man; I think that the building of relations is a big job for both sides. If you like me and not afraid of any difficulties and intercultural misunderstandings you may be a person who I’m looking for all my life!


Travelling. On weekends I meet my friends, go to the cinema and play bowling!