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You know, there are some things which are very important for life. These things are positive mind, positive views, desire to live and to give happiness to others around us! I’m a person with good sense of humor and with wish to enjoy life and every moment of it. I do love nice things and good people, who can see beauty in simple things. I do love traveling and discovering new places, I do love studying new in life, to get new skills which can help me in making my dreams come true. Also, I do love simple things as reading, resting at home in cozy atmosphere, tasty food and sweets! ;)

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I dream to meet a man who will be my second half. I dream he will be my partner in crime and in the same time he will be wiser, stronger me . He will be calm and serious in life situations, but he will be able to enjoy every moment of life as well. I want him to be beautiful inside with strong spirit, feeling of responsibility and true kind and loving heart!