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My future beloved man. Who is he? First of all, he is my second half. The second half of my heart, my soul and my mind. We will feel each other and will be hear each other, even being on the distance. I’m a romantic person. I my life experience shows me that there is destiny, there is unconditional love. I believe that everyone is intended for someone! And that there is Love for everyone! I’m waiting for you, MY love!

Value in a man

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

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How I describe myself

You know, I’m not good in self-description. But I can say for sure: I am a very positive, athletic girl who loves an active lifestyle!!! I prefer not to lose heart or give up before life's difficulties. I’m full of energy which I wish to give t me future beloved man. When children are adult, when they have their own lives, now I wish to give my all to a new relationship in my life- which will be till the end of our lives. My heart is still full of Love and true feminine tenderness. I wish to give this all to that One and Only which I know is looking for me as well! Is it you?