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I am an absolutely happy woman and I want to share my happiness with a man. I want to receive care, attention and protection from a man, I will give my man support, loyalty and passion, love.

How I describe myself

A beautiful, sensual and enchanting lady who beautifies the world and heals the light in the eyes of people My economic education, honed in the fog of Albion and a German international certification, helps me navigate a boat in the seething ocean of psychotherapy and marketing. The bright colors of travel fill me with energy. Touching films and books fills me with wisdom. I love to race on a thoroughbred horse, to feel the freshness of the wind that plays with my curls, and also to step on the gas to my favorite music. I adore nature in all its colors; inhale the scent of wildflowers, bathe in the sun, enjoy the mountain peaks and admire the sea sunsets. I passionately surrender to the rhythm of the dance and fascinate my consciousness with the depth and melody of voice. With pleasure I plunge into the comfort of my home, create a beauty around me, give life to flowers, carefully preserve the hearth and fill it with the delicious aroma of home cooking. How pleasant it is to dissolve in the arms of a single man, hiding in the blanket of the night … I will give my man passion and inspiration to conquer new heights

Value in a man

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

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Goals in life

How I describe satisfaction in life

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I like traveling, reading books and watching movies, horseback riding. I like to walk in nature, mountains and seas. I like to keep my home clean and comfortable.


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