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I’d like to meet loving, sincere, reliable, honest man, who “knows” life and clearly understands what and why he is doing, knows how to appreciate people who near.

How I describe myself

I can note that I am an introvert by nature, being lazy and doing nothing is not about me. Friendly and respectful of other people’s boundaries. I am independent woman so I do not accept control, manipulation or pressure. I really would like to find a man with who I can build a respectful partnerships, where two people know how to communicate with each other and find compromises. I love to travel, learn about other cultures, and get new knowledge. I am happy to cook something delicious for my loved ones. I’m currently sticking to a healthy diet. I love going to the cinema and theater.

Value in a man

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

Infidelity how I describe

Goals in life

How I describe satisfaction in life

How I describe moral principles

How I describe the importance of friends

How I describe what trust to me is


Sports: gymnastics, aerobics, swimming. On the moment my big hobby is studying arts, their meaning, history of creation, biographies of masters.


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