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Our goals and purposes

1. Alliance Goals and purposes:

1.1 Promote the Ukrainian Matchmakers and related operators best reputation and developed work within the matchmaking sphere as a legally recognized entity through the proper channels.

1.2 Unite professionals in the area of matchmaking and premium dating agencies, which gather the characteristics and operating conditions specified in the Alliance requirements for member’s approval.

1.3 Promote specialized training courses in a contractual agreement with national and international similar organizations, proposing to its members' additional certifications towards a more qualified representation and results when working with their clientele.

1.4 - Organize events with national and international matchmakers and premium dating agencies, for the exchange of experiences and knowledge towards a similar representation and functional working model within the Alliance members.

1.5 Strengthen and promote the authenticity of the Alliance-certified members, best performance, and market conduct, through a badge embed on the member's website publicly certifying professional recognition when compared to others.

1.6 Mediate best relationship and cooperation between the members, solve conflicts of interest, and find best solutions to complaints between the Alliance members and clientele safeguarding reputation and market best practices.

1.7 Facilitate legal support and legislative initiative in licensing the matchmakers’ activity towards public recognition and promote agreements between members as also between members’ companies and their clients.

1.8 Search for best solutions and services within national and international providers to face the member's needs in different areas as, technology, informatics, marketing campaigns, advertising strategies, financial solutions and more.

1.9 Provide through the Alliance website online campaigns performed by contracted marketing companies, a dedicated profile-page per each member to promote the member certified professional information and services, as traffic to the members' website.

1.10 Provide members through the Alliance website, online working tools, and services inserted in different levels designated as membership levels, each level with added services.